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A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO)


We are an NYC-based non-profit organization working in the developing world, bringing free orthopedic care to children with limb disabilities whose families cannot afford treatment. Our goal is to provide high-quality continuous care until the age of 18 for all patients treated under ALTSO’s program. Since 2003, through local treatment providers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, we've provided free orthopedic care to more than 15,000 children in need. The mission of ALTSO is to offer children with limb disabilities access to opportunities and self-esteem earned through mobility, education, and work.

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International Health Care Services

ALTSO provides free orthopedic care including: mobility aids, prosthetic and orthotic devices, corrective surgery, and rehabilitative activities to children with limb disabilities in the developing world. Our Program Partners include and are located in the following: Kabul Orthopedic Organization (Afghanistan), Impact Foundation Bangladesh (Bangladesh), Exceed Worldwide (Cambodia), A Leg To Stand On-Ahmedabad Clinic (India), Yakkum Rehabilitation Center (Indonesia), PUSPADI Bali (Indonesia), Hope Disability Center (Nepal), Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (Pakistan), Disability Action Network (Somaliland), and Fundacion Casa de Colombia (Colombia).

schedule Varies per Program Location payment $250.00 Varies per patient

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