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Dr. Danielle Sheypuk's Private Therapy Practice


Dr. Danielle Sheypuk is an experienced licensed clinical psychologist with a private therapy practice based out of Manhattan, New York. She has a significant amount of clinical experience treating a wide-variety of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, substance abuse problems, traumatic experiences, matters of grief/death/dying and self-esteem improvement. Dr. Sheypuk specializes in the psychology of dating, relationships, intimacy and sexuality, particularly among people with disabilities. Primarily, Dr. Sheypuk practices telepsychology, meaning that she sees her clients for session via Skype. Some insurances plans are accepted. Please contact Dr. Sheypuk below to schedule a free, 20-minute phone consultation.

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Dr. Danielle Sheypuk's Private Therapy Practice

Individual, couples, or family therapy sessions via Skype.

schedule Monday - Friday by appointment payment $150.00 1 Session/ 50 minutes

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