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Variety the Children's Charity of Illinois


The mission of Variety of Illinois is to improve the quality of life for children with disabilities by providing the equipment and experiences needed to reach their highest potential. This is accomplished through programs such as Variety at Play, offering inclusive, accessible activities for the whole family, Kids on the Go that provides mobility equipment not covered by insurance for children with physical limitations, and Live to Achieve that encourages participation & excellence in adaptive sports. Through a network of 44 chapters in 13 countries, Variety the Children’s Charity envisions a state where all children can actively participate in their communities and experience the joys that come with being a kid!

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Variety the Children's Charity of Illinois

Variety offers three programs for families of children with disabilities: Kids on the Go (grants for items insurance does not cover such as sports wheelchairs and adaptive bikes) Live to Achieve (grants for student athletes to participate and excel in adaptive sports) and Variety @ Play (offering inclusive and accessible programming for children with disabilities at low or no cost to families. Includes annual carnival, day trips, etc.)

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