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Adaptive Defense Methods (ADM) strives to be the leading resource in practical self-defense for adaptive communities. We long to improve the lives of others through providing the values of confidence, hope, and joy through realistic hands-on training. We infuse everything from basic wrestling to Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, to Kickboxing and Weapons arts. We offer statewide seminars ranging from two-hundred dollars on up, depending on time range and audience attendance. We also offer private lessons ranging from forty dollars on up, depending on the number of students . We will work with anyone, regardless of ability or skill level. Nothing is off limits for us. No matter what is in front of us, we will give you ways to improve your life and options to defend yourself!

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State Wide Seminars

Are statewide seminars prices, vary upon the time frame and audience attendance. For more information please contact us.

schedule Monday-Sunday payment $200.00 It varies, contact us for more information.

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