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Fashionhandi fashion for all aims to change mindsets in the fashion world. We organize professional fashion shows with disabled and non-disabled models.

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We organize a big fashion show the 4 November 2017 in Paris in France. « A touch of cabaret! » In the effervescence of the show, Fashion dresses the Cabaret scene with sumptuous dresses ... Throughout the evening, come and discover the whole universe of Fashionhandi through this 3rd edition of our fashion show. Meet our models and stylists ! Our ambition: to gather models with and without disabilities on the same podium, and acquire officially the status of professional agency. Scroll while conciliating professionalism and human condition, a vision that FH "fashion for all" holds for the world of fashion. Even with a disability, we can be Fashion!

schedule the 4 november 2017 payment $27.00 1 night

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