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Arts Unbound is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 in Orange, NJ. We are an art gallery, educational art studio, and career development program for people with mental illness, developmental or physical disabilities, and seniors with or without disabilities. Through the arts, we are challenging the stigma and barriers that keep people with disabilities from participating in the workforce. We are dismantling the link between disability and poverty, which are so often mutually reinforcing. With art instruction and career guidance, we are preparing talented individuals to be self-employed, working artists contributing to our community, and our economy.

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Art Classes

Individualized art instruction in our studio or your home. ​ Our one-on-one instruction is perfect for anyone wanting quality, challenging, skills-focused instruction to help reach their artistic goals.

schedule By appointment payment $75.00 1 Lesson/1 hour
Career coaching for artists

The Artist Development program is a guided career development program to help artists with disabilities build self-advocacy skills and relationships with art patrons. Participants set employment goals and develop action plans. Program staff assist artists to find opportunities to exhibit, market, and sell their work. Enjoy increased earning power and professional opportunities in the arts. Gain an understanding of the art business. Receive personal coaching and support. Connect with other emerging artists.

schedule By appointment payment חינם 1 Lesson/1 hour

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