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Every Body Athletics’s mission is to make a lasting impact on the quality of life for adults with developmental disabilities by increasing physical, social, and emotional wellbeing through group athletic training. Using both individual and small group exercise activities involving physical and social instruction, EBA desires to provide adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to achieve success and growth in both their fitness and social-emotional needs. Led by staff with Master's degrees in Special Education and dual certification in Personal Training and Special Populations Personal Training, each EBA training session provides specialized, adaptive exercises that focus on participants’ specific physical needs while inserting time for social practice along the way. Adults of all ages and abilities are welcomed, and are joined by Teammates without disabilities to promote inclusion and increased participation. EBA services adults who come from day programs, supported living settings, or those still living with their parents/guardians. This program is FREE to participants, allowing them to allocate their funds to other necessary service needs.

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Inclusive fitness classes for adults with developmental disabilities

schedule Monday-Wednesday payment חינם 1 hr

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