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The mission of Ms. Wheelchair America is to provide an opportunity of achievement for women who happen to be wheelchair users to successfully educate and advocate for the more than 54 million Americans living with disabilities. Unlike traditional beauty pageants, Ms. Wheelchair America is not a contest to select the most attractive individual. It’s instead a competition based on advocacy, achievement, communication and presentation to select the most accomplished and articulate spokeswoman for persons with disabilities. The selected representative must be able to communicate both the needs and accomplishments of her constituency to the general public, business community, and legislature.

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Ms. Wheelchair America National Pageant

Disability advocates from across the United States will come together to compete for the title of Ms. Wheelchair America 2018. The competition will take place at the Ambassador Center Complex in Erie, Pennsylvania from August 14-20, 2017.

schedule The National Pageant is open to the public on Friday August 18, 2017 and Saturday August 19, 2017. Doors will open at 7:00 P.M. EST. each night. payment $10.00 Ms. Wheelchair America is always open. You may also watch the livestream of this year's National Pageant on our Facebook page.

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