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Diego was born without his right leg and only two fingers on his right hand, Diego is an inspiration to everyone around him particularly to Wounded Servicemen and Women. Despite his physical challenges Diego has always wanted to follow in his Dad's footsteps and be an Army Soldier. Diego even dawns his own custom Army uniform complete with the rank of Second Lieutenant as often as he can. At the age age of 6 Diego's school was observing the RIDE2RECOVERY event that passed through Ft. Hood, and he noted to his father.. "Dad they have prostethics like me!" And when some of the riders noticed he had a prosthetic they stopped in their tracks to shake Diego's hand. Since then, Diego and his father routinely compete in 5K races to support various non-profit organizations most of which support wounded warriors. Diego's Dad runs alongside of him as his coach and partner as he navigates his Ambucs tricycle. Diego and his family hope to bring attention to wounded veterans, children with disabilities and children with special needs.

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Team Diego

The mission of Team Diego is to bring awareness and support to wounded veterans, military families, children with disabilities, and organizations through direct contributions or channeling support to other organizations by taking part in physically challenging events in order to garner attention to a specific cause.

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