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Judith Creed Horizons for Achieving Independence (JCHAI), formerly Judith Creed Homes for Adult Independence, was founded in 1987 by parents of adults with disabilities concerned their children needed a caring environment to live as independently as possible. JCHAI has grown into a multi-faceted organization with innovative, inclusive vocational, social and residential options throughout Philadelphia and its four surrounding counties. JCHAI’s family of programs include our Supportive Apartment Program in Bryn Mawr and JCHAI At Home, our in-home community based services. JCHAI Transitions offers young adults social opportunities through programs and outings teaching skills for living a full, happy life!

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JCHAI Transitions

JCHAI Transitions presents young adults with social, creative learning opportunities through weekly classes, weekend trips & celebrations. Sample classes: robotics, cooking, money management, blogging, self-advocacy, game nights, cultural enrichment, therapy dogs, dance, improv, exercise, and more! Trips to festivals, movies, plays, museums, sports, restaurants, beaches and towns, volunteering and more!

schedule Activities 3-4 evenings a week, weekend outings & celebrations! Intake required. payment $40.00 Weekday evening programs are typically 2 hours and include dinner; weekend outings typically run from 4-8 hours; trips are 1, 2 or 8-10 days.
JCHAI at Home

JCHAI at Home offers individualized 1:1 skills and supports to people living with family, or on their own, including supports for finding and keeping meaningful employment, independent living skills such as travel, money management, cooking, personal and home care, developing friendships, dating and leading a full engaged life.

schedule Seven days a week, by appointment. Intake Required. payment $60.00 $60/hour for flexible number of hours

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