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Jason’s Connection is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting people of all ages who have diverse needs, including disabilities, mental health, and aging. We connect them to resources that serve needs, enrich lives and help meet goals. Our motto is "Let's be the help we need"--true change starts from the ground up, everyday people working together to make a difference.

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Resources and Online Magazine to Share Origional Stories or Information

Online resource list where people can recommend, rate, and review services and organizations, we also tell the stories of people working to make a difference, we have interviews from diverse people from all over the world. And lastly we have a team of individuals who can do initial research and respond to hundreds of inquiries from Jason's Connection users for service providers, throughout the United States, related to the requested need and location. Contact us if you would like us to research resource information, to share your personal story or share provider information.

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