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At Neatebox we feel that no person should feel concerned about being able to enjoy their independence. In pursuing our mission to lead society in becoming more inclusive to everyone, we are developing solutions that empower disabled people in their daily life. Our two apps, Button and Welcome, are used across the UK and Ireland to foster the independent life styles of disabled people. With them, we aim to reduce anxiety, increase social mobility and ultimately promote a very real change in society's attitude towards those who have so often been ignored.

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Welcome App for disability-aware customer service

"Welcome" is designed to improve the interactions between customer service teams and disabled people, by making staff aware of the specific needs of their visitors in advance of their arrival. It raises the confidence of both the visitor and customer service team and helps to build lasting relationships. Apple Download: http://apple.co/2v8COYV Android Download: http://bit.ly/2w7jWa2

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Button App for safer road crossings

Pressing a pedestrian crossing button is easy unless you can't find or reach it. 'Button' enabled pedestrian crossings allow an automatic button push with a smartphone or wearable. This means that users can focus on positioning and alignment prior to safely crossing the street. Apple Download: http://apple.co/2hP6qEM Android Download: http://bit.ly/2xWIBiv

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