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Living Well at Home Ltd's purpose is to help people stay in their own home, living independently, in later life. This multi-award-winning, UK-based company delivers property advice services to individual households, designers, developers and the public sector.

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Home Check - Property Assessment and Advice for future-proofing your home for later life

Home Check looks at the opportunities, barriers and risks to living well, at home, in later life. Our experts assess your home and offer personalised, practical suggestions on how to make it more accessible, reduce fall risks and improve safety and address your specific age related concerns - all BEFORE a crisis or accident occurs. Many of the things we suggest are easy and either low-cost or free to implement, putting you in control of your home. Our fast, friendly services give you confidence that you can stay living independently at home for longer.

schedule Monday-Friday, Evenings and Weekends by appointment payment $499.00 2-hrs at the property followed by a comprehensive, personalised magazine-style report (Printed and Digital) with advice, tips and links to support.

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