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Haverut empowers the medical world by facilitating genuine connections between caregivers, patients and the healing environment through the use of spirituality, creativity and community. Haverut (Friendship and Connection in Hebrew) was established by Rachel Fox -Ettun, a family therapist specializing in work with families coping with chronic illness, loss and bereavement. Rachel founded Haverut in memory of her daughter Ruth, who died of Cystic Fibrosis at the age of eleven and a half. Haverut brings a new and unique spirit to the medical center; an institution that is based on the modern western medicine approach of focusing on the specific medical problems. By using tools from varied fields – individual and group creative art-work, spiritual support and social activities provided by community volunteers -Haverut facilitates a different approach towards the patients, empowering the medical center to become a healing center for body and mind. In Haverut, Rachel has consolidated a holistic therapeutic approach, which brings together the patient, family and medical staff in the healing process, facilitating a meaningful encounter between them and providing spiritual and creative tools to support all the participants within the healing process. This approach deepens the understanding of the patient and the professional staff around the patient that we all are human beings, worthy of respect, support and empowerment. Haverut helps patients and their families cope with this difficult period by channeling both the creative and spiritual strength that resides within every person.

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Haverut Organization

Haverut creates empowering, healing programs and events in the medical world with the strong belief in the power of connections and community. At Haverut we see all patients as individuals and create creative healing music and art programs to support them on their journey to healing. We create hospital events that are positive and uplifting community gatherings and work with medical staff on how to cultivate meaningful connections with their patients thus helping all on their road to health and wellness.

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