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March On is a 100% free service which provides programs to help deal with life's challenges after a Spinal Cord Injury. We offer advice, education, motivation, and much more! March On strives to help individuals with an SCI achieve any life endeavours they choose to undertake. We do this by assisting clients ourselves and helping to connect them with other relevant services outside the organisation. You can contact our friendly team right here on Facebook or go to www.marchon.com.au to find out more about what we can do for you!

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Rehabilitation and Exercise Programs

If regaining function is your goal, our experience in conjunction with emerging evidence supports ongoing rehabilitation beyond the traditional recovery period. Our experienced team of physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and personal trainers will help you design and conduct ongoing rehabilitation and exercise programs. Your March On support team will help you source funding to make it possible. Everyone is unique, we’ll work with you achieve your goals and maximise your function.

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Personalised Care Plans

As part of the March On community you can access our expansive team of health and care professionals for your personalized program. We will assist you to structure the most appropriate team to care for your needs. Get in touch with use to create the perfect program to suit your needs

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Lifestyle and Community SUpport

March On is a platform for people with spinal cord injuries to share advice, ideas and experiences about the best ways to live life to the max. Our blog will give you a glimpse into the life of someone (C5 complete) who is out there living her dream. Find out how she did it and what’s next on the bucket list. Sports, getting out and about, travel, social and recreation activities, relationships – it’s all at your fingertips.

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Education and Career

Study is hard work, it is now even more difficult. However education can be extremely fulfilling and open the door to exciting career prospects. Your brain works just fine so why not put it to use and see what amazing career may lie ahead of you. If you want to do it, we’ll help you through it. As a March On member you’ll not only have access to education and scholarships education you can also chat to others that have been through it themselves. March On has blue chip corporate sponsors providing bridging employment programs that will fast track your career and make the transition much easier for you. Send us a message, let’s have a chat.

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Opportunities and treatment options for spinal cord injuries are continuously developing. Here at March On we not only keep our finger on the pulse for the latest medical research but we are also on the hunt for the newest and best treatment options around the world. We provide information to our members as well as their family and friends about community groups locally and beyond for them to get in touch with likeminded people and share useful tips and experiences. With any challenges in life, we’ll help you find the tools to deal with them. Tell us what you need.

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