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I Am Myself: Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin

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Myranda Gereau

1. What is your dream career? Why?

I would like to advocate for children with disabilities because children’s voices need to be heard and sometimes they need help getting their voice out.

2. What advice can you give to other wheelchair users when taking a flight? Any tips or suggestions?

Be prepared and have a plan. Also, be sure that flight attendants know that your wheelchair is your legs and not break it. It should be treated with care.

3. What is the biggest challenge that you have overcome so far in your lifetime?

Beating the odds and the challenges that I have faced include long – hard hospital stays, physical limitations, and emotional barriers.

4. How do you prepare for the Ms. Wheelchair America competition? What is your daily routine like leading up to the competition?

My day is the same as any other… I am myself.  I do practice my platform speech, prepare to have fun, and meet new people.

5. What has been your proudest moment and why?

It wouldn’t be one moment. It would moments. Seeing my little sister grow up and be an advocate for myself and others. She doesn’t look at anyone with a disability like they are disabled. She has also learned to take care of me medically at the age of 15.

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