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My Way Is MY Way: Life is Too Short to be Normal

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Ina Schallenberg

My (short) story- Life as a quadriplegic

Hi, my name is Ina. I'm 28 and from Germany. When I was 18, I was out with friends and was hit by a car. The driver claims that he did not see me. Since that day I have been an incomplete C4/C5 quadriplegic and live my life with a wheelchair. I was fighting for weeks in the hospital to survive and years passed by but I never gave up.

I love my life with all my ups and downs - each story is its' own chapter. At times it was hard to get through all the problems a wheelchair life brings, but in 2013 I became a mom-to-be and in 2014 I had my son.

He is my everything, the love of my life, and the greatest gift I was given. My boyfirend and I are currently in a house building process. It's so exciting and we cannot await the day when we begin our family life with our son in our own home.

I love to be out, go to work, and drive my car. I also like hanging out with the best friends I've ever met, and my family. I enjoy going on short city trips and seeing the wonderful places on earth. One of my greatest dreams is to go to the USA for a few month with my boyfriend and son. I also really appreciate food, sweets, and special flavoured drinks or cocktails!

My advice to you: keep calm and find the good parts of life. Be grateful, stay fit, be happy, be strong, and never give up. There are people outside who love you!

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