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Bungee Jumping.... In a Wheelchair!

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Dylan Lamoureux

Crossing items off of my bucket list one push at at time

I have always wanted to bungee jump.  It has been on the top of my bucket list since I was a child. On June 9th,  2014 I was in a car accident and I ended up as an incomplete quadriplegic.  At that moment, I thought that most of the items on my bucket list had came to an end.

Thanks to the power of the internet, I have had my eyes opened to a whole new world and have seen many of the amazing things that can be achieved even after your life has be drastically changed!

On August 21st, 2017 I finally made my way to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada where they have a bridge made for bungee jumping.

The staff there was incredible, they were to excited to see me rolling down the bridge. They made sure that I was safely secured to my chair and that everything had fit my needs. The staff saw the excitement in my eyes after the first jump that they even let me go a second time! If you ever get a chance to make your way to Whistler, I highly suggest doing the bungee jumping.

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