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Create The Best With The Worst Disability Travel for you

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Oksana Brard

Life as a tetraplegic

Hi, my name is Oksana. I'm 21 years old and I live in France. In 2013, after a rare accident of the spinal cord, I found myself a tetraplegic. This situation put me face to face with the world of disability. My family and I found ourselves in destitute: alone against the medical world, alone to face several administrative struggles, alone with our self-questioning, and alone in the process of adapting to the constraints of everyday life.


After all these difficulties, I wanted to travel, but I felt lost because I was afraid to go to non-accessible places. Also, it was very difficult to find good information about travel for people in wheelchairs.

Creating a website

Therefore, taking action became my creed, and making people with disabilites lives better became my main goal. It’s for this reason that my sister and I created the Association Kondor in 2016. It’s a website that gathers useful information to provide an overall answer and solution to many of the troubles people with disabilites face when traveling.

Kondor’s mission is to spread a positive message about disability while setting different supporitve and cultural activities for the abled and disabled. The association wishes to integrate disabled people fully into society, but also allow them to have the comfort and mobility in as many destinations possible.

Please visit Association Kondor's website: 


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