yoocan - Veronica and Reece - AUTISM CAN'T DEFINE REECE
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Veronica and Reece

Reece defeated the odds and proves himself everday

Reece is an 8 year old active boy who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 2. We were told by all his doctors that we would face lots of challenges throughout his life including social skills and that communicating with others might be difficult. Ha...! Reece defeated the odds and proves himself everday, and especially this day out on the field! He was able to listen, look, and get on first base by himself! My other son’s 10 year old baseball team took Reece in as one of their teammates and treated him like every other boy! They never made fun of him because of his speech nor did they judge him for who he is. Autism can't define him. He defines Autism.


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