The happiest paralyzed girl you'll ever meet!

Vital Zinger


Hi! I'm Vital Zinger , 30 years old WheelGirl from Israel.
Soon after birth i was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma – a rare childhood cancer.
At the age of 3, an operation on my spine saved my life but left me with a Partial paralysis. The doctors said that I won't walk, but my parents didn’t give up and after 3 years of intensive Chemotherapy & Physical rehabilitation I was finally able to sit and stand independently, and even to make a few steps with assistance – against all odds!! Since then I live my life knowing that with great will and hard work, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!!

A born Fighter

As a child I used crutches to walk around but when I was 12 years old I discovered the wonderful life on a wheelchair, which enabled me to be faster and more independent. I was always determined to succeed, I'm always fishing for the next challenging adventure, and I never settle for the easy way out. Throughout all my life I fought for my right to live a full life & to have an equal opportunity to fulfill my potential just like everyone else, and i refused to let lack of accessibility and lack of awareness to limit me and my ability to experience all the amazing things life offers us. I served in the IDF at a Blackhawk squadron. I graduated law and government at the IDC Herzeliya while volunteering at the Students union, Hillel organization, AEPI fraternity and initiated & developed many other amazing Social projects, I ran for the Knesset to fight for the rights of people with disabilities.. it's not an easy task to always fight, but if you want to change things for the better - you have to be proactive.

creating the change I want to see in the world

among many other things, I push my boundaries every day as a competitive athlete;   I fight for social change as an entrepreneur and social activist and in my work as a lawyer;  and I give lectures on issues such as accessibility, inclusivity, empowerment, entrepreneurship and leadership, in which I share my life journey, experiences & Insights to empower, motivate and inspire people to overcome their own struggels in life.

I live my life trying to always create the change I want to see in the world! and you're more than welcomed to Join My Journey!!

Insta: @vitaldance
FB: @zinger.vital


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