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Swimming Through The Odds: The Life of A Paralympic Swimmer

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Breanna Sprenger

My Story of Survival & Being A Paralympic Swimmer

Hi Everyone! My name is Breanna Sprenger, and I am a Paralympic swimmer. I am 16 years old and live in Cleveland, Ohio. I've represented Team USA at two international competitions (World Championships and Pan Pacs). I hold an American record and a Pan- American record. I was born without my legs and right arm along with Spina Bifida. I choose to look at my disability as my ability. I've had 19 surgeries mostly at the Cleveland Clinic, which is my second home. I choose to stay positive, and swim through the obstacles I face ;) I wasn't supposed to live, so I appreciate every day I'm here. Thank you everyone for reading my story!

Follow me on social media:

Instagram: @girlonwheelz
Twitter: @girlonwheelz13
Facebook Athletic Page: Breanna Sprenger


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