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Not A Disability, An Ability: My Daughter's Journey With Autism

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Kasee Pritchard

Having Hope With Autism

I'm the mother of an 18 year old daughter who has Autism. She has the mentality of an eight or nine year old. She has had at least 17 surgeries on various parts of her body with three of those being major. She has been on as many as six medications at a time to help with outbursts and meltdowns. She is also partially deaf.

There have been many times I cried and asked God, why? Then one day I just looked at her and realized God didn't do this to her. She was sent to me exactly this way to show me that throughout life's trials and tribulations you really only need two things; love and hope- she has always had both. Some days are extremely difficult for her, but I just hold her and tell her I love her. Guess what? We are ok, and when days are rough for me, she hugs me. Just have hope, and love and you will be ok too.

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