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Cozumel Photo Trail

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Kris Gulden

Overview of the Photo Trail in Cozumel

Tati Biermas, an award-winning professional photographer, shares her knowledge of photography and the island of Cozumel with those who participate in this fun, educational, and wheelchair-accessible photography tour.

Opinion the Photo Trail in Cozumel

I use a manual wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury.  My mom and I did Tati’s “photo trail” when we were in Cozumel in August, and we agreed that this is an excellent way to improve our photography skills, learn fun facts about Cozumel, and bring home unique, lasting memories of our vacation.

Details of the Photo Trail in Cozumel

After we signed up for the photo trail, Tati told us where and when to meet her.  We took a taxi from the resort to our designated meeting spot, and Tati gave each of us a list of 21 items we had to photograph, in order, as we worked our way to the end point.  The photo trail is not a race, but it is more like a scavenger hunt, and even though Mom and I were photographing the same things, it was interesting at the end to see how we chose different items to photograph to represent the same clue.


This activity was quite easy for me to navigate in my wheelchair.  The course is flat, and there are well-paved sidewalks with curb cuts from start to finish.  We covered the course at a leisurely pace and were finished about 2.5 hours after we started. There were a couple of times we crossed the street to find a better curb cut, but Tati was always available to lend a hand if I needed a little push up a ramp or a boost over a curb.

Eye on the prize

One of the best parts of doing the photo trail is that the winner receives an autographed copy of “Cozumel Above the Sea”, a photography book that Tati and two other photographers collaborated on.  Tati is a patient and personable instructor, and she has extensive knowledge of the island, people, culture, customs and nature that she graciously shares with her students. I highly recommend this activity - or any photo tour with Tati Biermas - for those who want to improve their photography skills while learning about Cozumel.


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