yoocan - Michelle Salt - Turning Tradegy into Beauty: Amputee Story
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Turning Tradegy into Beauty: Amputee Story

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Michelle Salt

Learning to love myself one step at a time

Before my accident, I'll admit... I was shallow. I was a fitness model with a top 5 finish under my belt and had some of the best in the industry telling me I could take home that 1st place trophy with my body type. I became obsessed with my appearance and never did allow myself to be truly happy with who I was or how I looked. It was almost like god was trying to teach me a lesson when I woke up 8 days after my near fatal accident and looked down at my body.

I had staples from my bra line all the way down to my ankle. There was a huge hole in my left leg from my compound fractures and 75% of my right leg was gone. I looked like a voodoo doll. I turned to my mom and sister and said "no one is ever going to love me like this". Little did I know that the biggest battle was learning to love myself.

Today I'm covered in scars, yet they tell my story of survival and strength. I know I will never have the same body I used to and I will never be without battle wounds but you know what, I don't care because I love myself just the way I am! Beauty comes from the inside and well let's face it, eventually we get wrinkles and our bodies change anyway. So for now, I will embrace what I have and that's a body with one hell of story!

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