yoocan - Brenda Sardón - "It has been a beautiful fight and it still is." SCI Journey
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"It has been a beautiful fight and it still is." SCI Journey

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Brenda Sardón

Best seven years of my life!

In June of 2010, my parents and I were involved in a car accident that left me with an incomplete spinal cord injury. Due to a negligent doctor, I had surgery one month after the crash. I remember making a promise to myself that if I had the surgery as soon as posible, I woudn't play basketball for the rest of the year. Now I laugh, but seven years ago I had no clue what a SCI was. 

My first year was awful. I didn't want to leave the house, be with my family or hang out with my friends... nothing. All I did was watch movies and sleep.  
But things started to change little by little. My family, my biggest supports, were always by my side cheering me up.

Since I was a teeny-tiny girl I played sports. I was really into them. Before the accident I enjoyed running and playing basketball and I always dreamt of making it to the top. That didn't happened. But thanks to the accident I have that opportunity. 

2 years after the crash a friend of mine invited me to go kayaking. I joined but I wasn't actually going to do it. The next thing I know I was in the water, paddling. I don't have the right words to expres what I felt in that moment, but it was so freaking awesome. I felt on top of the world. I found myself again. Ever since that day, kayaking has become one of my passion.  And the best part is that, this is my 5th year on the national canoe team. 

I think that whatever you love to do, you should keep on going. Even when you think there's no hope left. Give it one more chance. Life will always have something for you. For me, besides my family and friends, sports were key to my recovery not only physical but the most important one, mentally. 

Ps: Time really helps, don't rush, you'll get there. I think everyone who went through a very rough time in life knows

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