yoocan - Nicole McClean - Tears, Love & Milestones With Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy & More
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Tears, Love & Milestones With Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy & More

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Nicole McClean

The Tears

My name is Olivia Blossom and I am four years old. Today was my first day at "big school." A day my mummy and daddy didn't think would happen but I knew I would make it here because I am a fighter. I was born at 28 weeks {12 weeks premature} weighing just 880 grams, at 2 weeks old I contracted NEC {inflammation of the bowl} and I lost 12 cms of the perforated intestine. Shortly after I was diagnosed with a form of brain damage known as Periventricular Leukomalacia {resulting in cerebral palsy diagnoses} Epilepsy and CVI {visual impairment} soon followed.

The Love & Milestones

Last year my weight dropped dangerously low and I had to have a feeding tube inserted. Now my mummy makes me delicious/healthy meals that goes directly into my tummy. In just a few short months I was healthy again.

We are so proud of everything our little sunshine has achieved and her resilience inspires us every day. She is without a doubt the happiest little girl despite what she goes through, there is always a smile on her face. We have had a very rough ride over the last four years or so with Olivia's eating rapidly deteriorating requiring several procedures. We are currently working on raising her with more focus on embracing and supporting who she is rather than her disabilities.

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