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Share Your Sparkle: Living With Cerebral Palsy

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Don't Let Others Take Away Your Sparkle

Able Finder recently posted a story about me and used emojis that sparked my interest in writing this story.  Able finder used sparkling stars and heart emojis to describe me. The sparkling stars emoji reminded me of how to handle a situation I regularly find myself in. Cerebral Palsy often comes with many physical and medical challenges. Because not every life story is the same, it is hard for society to understand how individuals choose to overcome or explain their daily lives. I have learned not to let others take away my sparkle because I value what others think so much I often find myself saying “ I wish I can take that text message back” or I threaten to delete my social media accounts when I am told to stop being so “negative” when explaining the details of my story as they are given to me. I take my hand off of the deactivate social media buttons when others share their stories with me, and I am reminded that I am helping at least one person feel understood; therefore, it does not matter if others believe that I am “negative”. 

Don’t let others take away your sparkle. You have a message that no one else can tell the world. Others may not understand, but you have the opportunity to educate and bring awareness to your situation. Also, it is important to accept others as they come. You have no idea how much someone’s honest story can have a positive impact on your life.

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