yoocan - - Rock Every Sock- Raising awareness for Down Syndrome

Rock Every Sock- Raising awareness for Down Syndrome

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I challenge you!

I have a special and different big sister. Her name Noelle .. she is 16  and was born with down syndrome and autism. She has the mind of a two year old, and the daily life growing up with her is both truly hard and magical. I get to experience a different world thanks to her. She is my HERO.

In 2015 I started a HUGE viral campain on Facebook here in Sweden called "rockeverysock". I CHALLENGED every school and workplace in Sweden to wear MISMATCHED socks on MARCH 21 to support all our DIFFERENCES. 

Guess what ? It went viral with over one million sharings and millions of people in Sweden, policeforces, the goverment, schools, artists, wore MISMATCHED socks for my sisters sake. I continue to share our life together to raise awereness and that difference is beautiful.

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