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Embracing Your Mistakes- By Amy Charmatz

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Art is all about taking Risks

I just finished reading such an interesting article that spoke so strongly to me. It was called “to embrace Mistakes”, which is something that I’ve trying to practice for a long time! The article pointed out that, as youngsters, we all introduced to the idea that ”there is a a Right Way and a Wrong Way" and that there is only one best way!  But, there could be more than one way... and sometimes the wrong way can even be the best way! It is important to learn to accept and “embrace” your mistakes! 

It is difficult and takes practice but in the long run it will lower your frustration and lead to new ways of looking at things! Sometimes, the fear of making a mistake is so strong that it stifles our creativity.  The fear of doing something wrong can prevent you from doing anything at all!  This fear of ruining something can stop you in your tracks!  Art is all about taking risks! Once you learn to embrace mistakes, you will find you’re seeing things differently and it will open up a whole new world of possibilities! 

Mistakes are natural and inevitable, but should not in any way signify failure! Whenever I feel the urge to tear up or trash something, I remember what my mother always tried to teach me: when you feel you’ve made a mistake and are starting to get really frustrated, take a break!  She said I should put whatever I was working on aside for awhile. The very next day, look at it again.  It often looks completely different and you can see ways to fix or change it.  It can even lead to a much better painting, or whatever  your project is! Embracing your mistakes also can make you feel better about yourself.  You can pat yourself is on the back and feel proud of yourself for forging on and not giving up! Also, 9 out of 10 times, things will look very different and you can see your way out of whatever you thought was wrong and do it another way! So, embracing your mistakes can do a “double whammy” of making you feel better about yourself for not giving up and lead you to look at things differently and point you in a new, and sometimes, better direction!
Amy Goldsmith Charmatz
Art Saves Lives

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