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Super Bruno! Life with Hanhart Syndrome

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Bruno Nogueira

Nothing is by chance- life begins from the moment you understand the real situation of things!

Hi, my name is Bruno Nogueira, I'm 22 years old. I live in São Paulo, Brazil, and I have a Hanhart Syndrome, a rare syndrome, with a probability of 1 in 500 thousand people having it. The life of a person with a disability is definitely not easy. I had to mature and adapt very quickly to the world I was surround by. I was educated by my parents in a free way, understanding that my situation wasn't reversible, and that I had a special mission to complete here. 

Today at the age 22, I believe that I have been fulfilling the mission assigned to me. My grandmother once told my parents that they should let me go into the world and not seek explanations for my disability, because I will still give so much joy to many people.I graduated with a degree in Business Administration, coaching and financial solutions analyst from the largest bank in Latin America. I am also a motivational speaker, telling my stories of overcoming obstacles, and seeking to make the world more inclusive for people with disabilities.  

Besides my professional life, I love sports-  am an adaptive surfer. I also love to travel. I am passionate about life and I hope to become a role model and example for people around me demonstrating faith, willpower and determination over any physical limitation.

My message to you: "Life is only lived once. Pursue your dreams, achieve your goals. Stand with god and thank him for the gift of life. We have so little time, so lets make every second worth it." Follow our stories on the Guerreiro de Fibra, thank you! https://guerreirodefibra.wordpress.com/

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