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Our little 'X Man' Logan- Limb Difference Awareness

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Logan & Mum

About Logan

At 3 months I received my first ultrasound as I was having severe pains and had to go to thr emergency room.  That ultrasound revealed that my son had no right hand.  I was devasted at the time because my child would not meet society's definition of 'perfect' and I was worried about how the world would perceive him.  The doctors sat us down and explained that 'he' would not achieve as a 'normal' child would.  We were told he would bum shuffle and would not crawl and his developmental pattern would vary significantly.  I was constantly told that he would be 'different' but as soon as I met my son I knew he was perfect and that everyone was wrong.  Logan commando crawled and then crawled on all fours using his nubby.  My little boy was capable of anything and everything.  Logan is so capable that if he had two hands I would be in 'big' trouble.  He continues to amaze us everyday.  He has a little brother who is 11 months younger.  They are inseparable and always have each others backs.  Logan is beautiful inside and out and I only hope people see him as I do, my perfect little X Man. 

Logan's Buzz Lightyear's hand broke off and logan now says, 'Logan's one, Buzz's one and points to his nubby.'  It's the first time I have been happy for a toy to break lol.


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