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Games Created by Parents of Kids with Special Needs

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Games for Special Needs

Personal Reasons for Creating Helpful Games!

Emotions, motor skills, social situations, and transitions. Did you know you can use play to help with all of these skills? Two families decided to use what they learned from personal experiences to create quality games that could help others. John and Christen have four kids. One of their sons has Down Syndrome. Brad and Caroline have five kids. One of their sons has Autism. 

Parents of children with special needs know the value of intentionally working on things like emotions and social situations. Working on fine and gross motor skills is usually part of the daily routine. If you have a child with sensory sensitivities, you know the value of having products made out of the right materials that feel good. All products are designed to be used with varying ages and ability levels. Many families, therapists, and teachers love using these games. They are fun and made with love!

Visit www.gamesforspecialneeds.com to learn more and shop!
Instagram and Facebook accounts are both @specialneedsgames

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