yoocan - ויטל זינגר - Are we human? Or are we dancers?- Wheelchair Dance Story
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Are we human? Or are we dancers?- Wheelchair Dance Story

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ויטל זינגר


As a child with disabilities, DANCE class was a leisure class that was not accessible to me. As a teenage girl, it was an unattainable dream and a desire to fulfill sometime in the future. At the age of 21, it was an adventure, a challenge I took as a unique project and six months later it was a goal achieved, a success, an old love that finally materialized.

Competitive Latin Dance on wheelchairs

For the last ten years dance has been dream that comes true for me every hour of every day. It is an amazing way to express myself, to roll and move to the rhythm of the body, to draw in motion and feel the dance floor. A magical experience where art is integrated with achievement. Nowadays, dancing is also the platform on which I represent my country with honors, rise on the podium and hear my country's anthem played in high volumes. Today, thank god, it's become my everyday training-routine, and an endless well for pride and satisfaction.

A National Pride

For the past decade, I have been a professional Latin Dancer on a Wheelchair. I'm part of Israel's National Team in Para DanceSport (WDS) - run by the International Paralympic Committee. Since 2008, I've had the opportunity to express my passion for music, movement & dance at the highest levels in the world. I have had the great privilege to travel and compete in championships around the world, to meet amazing people, dance colleges, to be inspired by them and to spread inspiration to anyone who needs it.

Soooo... What do I dance? and how?!

I dance Latin styles and specializing in Samba, Cha-cha, Rumba, Paso-Doble & Jive.
I competed in a couple's category with a dance partner who is on wheelchair too (named Duo); nowadays I also compete in another category (named Combi) with a standing dance partner that doesn’t have any disability, and a few years ago I also started competing in a SOLO category, where I dance by myself Latin + Waltz + Tango. That means that in each competition I dance and compete in 3 categories, with 12 dance routines per each level. 3 days in a row, morning 'till night.

Medals Medals Medals…

From 2008, I represented my country in countless international competitions, World Cups, European Championships, World Championships, Open Competitions, Continental Cups, and many more. In the solo category, I won the GOLD at the World Cup, and the SILVER medal at the European Championship. In the Combi category, I won the Bronze medal at the World Championship, where we also competed in a freestyle ShowDance Category.

Dance your life!

Dancing on wheels combines my great passions for both music and sport, and gives me a sense of freedom and creativity while upgrading my physical strength, posture, balance and coordination. I'm blessed for this amazing opportunity to dance my life to the fullest and I really hope that if any of you have the same passion for dance – don’t give up on this dream! Search for the closest dance company and ask to join it ASAP- Good luck!

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