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I couldn't pull off having two hands

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Charlene Ward

Everyone is born in their own unique way :)

Hi my name is Charlene and I was born without my forearm and I wouldn't change that for the world. This little arm has given be some amazing memories. One of the best perks I can think of is when I get my nails done it's half price so that's always a bonus. I love to joke about it to and O love to see people's reactions when iOdo because they don't know if the can laugh or not... but I love when someone gets my personality, although not a lot of people do.

I'm currently a preschool teacher and the kids love my arm. They like to describe me as a superhero because I can do everything with one hand so that's pretty cool. I really love working with children even though a lot of people told me I couldn't. I have totally proved them wrong. I also like to think I'm teaching the kids that it's ok for someone to be different and everyone is born in their own unique way and that's ok.  

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