yoocan - Piotr Sajdak - Glaze yourself- New chapter of arm prosthesis history

Glaze yourself- New chapter of arm prosthesis history

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Piotr Sajdak

Meet Glaze - superhero prosthetic arm for amputees

Amputees do not have an easy life: everyday activities can be a real struggle and the prosthetics market is incredibly limited. Glaze believes that this disability is not something to be ashamed of, and should be turned into an advantage. The company have found a solution: Glaze Prosthetic. Fully customized cosmetic arm that allows people unlimited options to create themselves.

Little history class

Creators of Glaze were inspired by the story of Piotr Sajdak, a contestant of Polish MasterChef. The passionate cook lost his arm on a night out, defending his friend from harassment. By the end of the night she was alright but Piotr lost his arm. He didn’t lose his optimism though and continued his active lifestyle. Grzegorz Kosch, the CEO of Glaze proposed Sajdak a cooperation and that’s how Glaze Prosthetic was born. Glaze’s main purpose is full individualization: starting from shape, colours to hi-tech accessories and really cool solutions. For example you can have a fin-hand, built-in speaker, phone compartment, and tattoo skin. Glaze wants amputees to design their new limb to fit their needs not only physically, but also mentally. The company doesn’t believe in generic prosthetic: they are too heavy, cause discomfort and eventually end up being left behind. Glaze wants their clients to make the choices. The prosthetic should represent whatever they love the most.

Stay tuned

You can check out all the possibilities on Glaze’s official website https://www.glazeprosthetics.com/ We have features suitable for people who love sports, cooking, dancing, swimming, etc. We see amputees as people with loads of interests and we want to help them to improve themselves. Through Glaze they will gain not only a useful tool, but also more confidence and a chance to turn their life around. After all, what made Iron Man and Batman super heroes was their hi-tech equipment. – says Grzegorz Kosch. In comparison to a regular cosmetic prosthetic Glaze looks fantastic: modern, simple, yet packed with useful functions. Since it’s measured for every client individually it will always fit perfectly and cause only happiness! 
Glaze will be available to order 31st october. If you want to learn more about Glaze Prosthetic visit the official website or contact the company at hello@glazeprosthetics.com.

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