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Our family celebrates just like yours!

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Maria & Jordan Grace

Halloween traditions

We have been part of #theluckyfew for over three years now. Jordan Grace our little one was born with Down syndrome. When we first found out this diagnosis when I was pregnant. I literally felt as though our lives were over. I felt we wouldn't be celebrating anything anymore. We would be consumed with fear and loss of who we deemed we would have. Life as we knew it was over.

I was so wrong.

I proudly admit it that I was wrong, most imprriantly the fear the doctor put in me, was way off concerning our future. I can proudly say it that for the past four years we have held our fun traditions of Halloween. I managed to celebrate while she was in the womb, though I felt heart broken, I had a little bit of faith, peojvaly the size of a seed, within me.

Month long celebrations

We enjoy going to the pumpkin patch festival each year. They have a petting zoo, music, magicians, a haunted little shack, and fun things to do. We always make a sweet scarecrow which we bring home and place outside on our deck. Each year I dress the girls up in Snow White costumes, Ana María, my oldest has managed to outgrow them all, so this year she wore mine. Yes, I have a costume as well. A few days before Halloween we carve our pumpkin and bake the seeds, as a family.

Halloween Night

On the 31st we walk our neighborhood as a family and gather candy from those who are happy to greet us. One of our neighbors always spoils the girls with Halloween buckets full of candy and toys. Then we come home and count the candy before I head out with our oldest for a night full of friends and more trick or treating.

Our lives not only stayed the same,

But our lives were enriched with a little one who brings sunshine and joy, someone who completes our little family. A diagnosis will not change your life for the worse, unless you let it! Live this life, live this moment in time. We never know how long we have, that's why this time is called the present!

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