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My power led me to become a Paralympic swimmer

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Fanni Illes

The road to the paralympics

I don’t want to start with the usual boring introduction, like in the first grade: name, birth date, where I live etc. I am just an ordinary girl with an unordinary body, that’s all. I was born without my legs, - somewhere I lost them - but who cares? At least I don't have to go pedicurist.  I have three finger in my right hand as Yoda. And I have the same power too… :)

Thanks to that power I am a paralympic swimmer in Hungary and part of the National team since my 14th birthday. I was in Beijing, London and also in Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately every Paralympic Game was a disappointment, something always went wrong, injuries, mental tiredness...everything that you can imagine. Swimming was the first thing in my life that gave me some handrail, an opportunity to achieve something big.

Sometimes I feel I am blessed with this curse. Swimming is the best and also the worst thing in my life. It gave me everything and cruelly took it from me. BUT I am here and do it until my last breath. Why? Because this is my LIFE, that sometimes easy as pie, but sometimes… you know. Everybody has problems, but honestly, what can we do with them? I don’t know the solution, but I surly know something, always be the top of the water!

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