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The Magic of Mckinley- Our Sunshine Girl with Autism

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Having No Fear With Autism

McKinley was born on March 31st, 2014. We found out at 35 weeks that she was to come into this world with severe medical issues involving her brain not developing correctly. Her Corpus Callosum portion in her brain did not develop like it should causing some major neurological difficulties. 

She was diagnosed with a VSD heart defect at 3 months old causing failure to thrive issues. She has been followed by multiple doctors.  She did not sit on her own or hold her bottle until after her first birthday, she also did not walk on her own until after 2 years old due to having a form of Cerebral Palsy. 

She has cognitive and learning impairment and fears nothing. Having no fear can be difficult though since she is unaware of danger. She is Autistic and even though she is not fond of glasses, she must wear them to help her stigma in her eye.

To top it all off we are now going to see more doctors in the genetics field. Her team of doctors feel that she may have a rare syndrome with all of her medical issues...

We live in Oregon and enjoy all the wonderful things nature has to offer. We try our best to get out and explore while keeping McKinley close since she tends to wander. She especially loves trees and water.

She is our magical little gal and with every life challenge she is happy. She loves music- especially TobyMac or Ryan Stevenson. She loves all sensory related devices and is always smiling. She is non verbal- however, she tries so hard to let us know her thoughts... she is the light in our life.

Life is tough darling but so are you...

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