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Overcoming Limb Loss

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Paul Montiel

Losing my Limb

When I was 25 years old I was eating at a fast food restaurant in the city of Maracaibo in Venezuela when a car collided very close to me lost a front tire and ran over my legs with the rim. My right leg was destroyed when caught in the act. My family made the decision to send me to the USA in an air ambulance.

Since the left leg had become infected with a local hospital bacterium upon arriving in the United States, doctors determined that in order to save that leg I would need to stay in a hyperbaric chamber for one year a couple hours a day, since they could not operate the multiple fractures until the infection passed.    I then had four operations and 80 metal pieces inserted in me plus two years of rehabilitation. I had a few years of depression and alcohol abuse, but 14 years ago I left those vices behind and started recovering my life- that change could not have been any better.


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