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I’m Not Okay

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אמה פרייס

I’m not okay....

I'm not okay... Read on to find out what I've been going through and how things are now. I'm in college and this is the first semester that I've had really intense lecture classes, where I have had to take notes and everything is dependent on the lectures.

In the past, I've had lecture classes but I've had notes provided by the professor or PowerPoints by the professor. This semester is drastically different and very challenging. This year has been filled with a lot of growth within myself and my friendships. I've been learning about boundaries and how to be a better friend. It's been really emotional and difficult but so good for me and my relationships.

My anxiety is always present but this year, I have realized how much that drives what I do in a negative way and how reliant I have been on others. These past few months, I have been way more cognizant of my feelings, am learning how to just feel them and let the storm pass on my own. This is still a work in progress and something that I work on each and everyday.

These past few months have been hard, due to that I wasn't sure if I wanted to share. I'm hopeful that by sharing what is on my heart, both the good and bad, it will help someone. Things are getting better, I have professors who help me learn and help me obtain the accommodations I need to be successful. I have people at school who stand along side me, while I advocate for myself, help me grow confidence, push me to be more independent and are my friends. I have family who support me, my growth, and make sure that I can get the counseling I need. I have the most amazing friends who support, encourage and love me. I would not be where I am without them.

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