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Stromme Syndrome Does Not Stop Ruby

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Angie & Ruby

Ruby's Life With Stromme Syndrome

Ruby is an ALMOST 13-year-old girl with a rare genetic syndrome called Stromme Syndrome. It causes vision impairment, microcephaly, intestinal issues, slowed growth and developmental issues. As far as her mom Angie knows, there are less than 20 cases in the WORLD! Ruby is truly 1 in a million…or maybe a BILLION!

Throughout the last 12+ years, doctors have made many dire predictions about Ruby’s future and she has proven them all wrong. Ruby started walking at age 3, began speaking around age 4, and she started kindergarten with her same aged peers. Today she is in 7th grade at a typical middle school, where she enjoys learning in her special ed class, singing in choir and having lunch with her typical peer friends.

Ruby has an amazing life, full of friendship, adventure and fun! She will turn 13 in just a few days and plans to celebrate in grand style by taking a trip from cold Minnesota to sunny California with her mom, nana and auntie. You can learn more about Ruby at www.raregemsblog.com or follow her adventures on her Instagram page @ANGIEANDRUBY.

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