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Live Chat on yoocan: Parenting differently-abled children

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Stacey Kaplan

Parenting Children with Disabilites

Parenting a child with a disability or special needs on top of work and daily responsibilities can be challenging. Your schedule likely includes doctor’s visits, parent-teacher meetings, therapy sessions, sports practice and carpool. This group chat is for parents of the yoocan community to share parenting tips, advice, strategies and tools to help your child succeed and ALSO to help yourself. 

Raising a child with a disability or special needs can be hard, but also one of the most rewarding things. You are not alone! We invite you to join and connect with other parents that are going through the same things that you are.

Why should you join?

Parent support is essential because talking to other parents who are facing similar obstacles reduces stress. As a parent, one can often feel inadequate when they are not sure exactly how to go about raising their child with special needs. Having reassurance about your decisions and access to advice from others can be a huge help. For parents coping with new diagnosis it is important to know that your child can grow up to be a successful, independent and loving child. Being able to connect with other parents and help through your own experiences is healthy, and promotes healing.

Who will be leading the chat?

This chat will be led by Nikki Weigel. Nikki is the mother of three differently-abled boys. She has been a full time advocate for them for the last 15 years. She has been a Parent Peer Specialist, a Health Coach & Advocacy Consultant on Children with Special Needs, and her most current adventure is as a blogger, writer, and motivational conversationalist. Nikki uses real life lessons and turns them into lessons for real life. She has a passion to bring more connection to our lives and looks forward to connecting with you!


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