yoocan - Jade Knox - A Glimpse Into the Visibly Invisible Illness

A Glimpse Into the Visibly Invisible Illness

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Jade Knox

Winning with Severe Chronic & Invisible Illness

Two years ago I was at my peak of health and fitness with a small but growing coaching business and a few minor but nagging health problems. These small things suddenly snowballed into total disability and half a dozen chronic illnesses/syndromes/disorders/diseases. I went from super active to sedentary, literally bed ridden for 8 weeks, doctors baffled with pretty normal tests. It took months of self-advocacy to be believed and heard because my issues were so rare and unlikely, especially given my age and health/fitness history. I also happen to have Autism, a social communication disorder.   

Through the hardest moments of my life I found myself and my voice, along with most of my diagnoses I went on to be medically diagnosed. There's still a long road left to travel and my future is entirely unknown, but I'm still so grateful for the clarity I now have with my values, morals and what I want my life to be.   

I walked away from abusive relationships and am beginning to grow again in ways I'd given up on just a year ago as I battled for basic treatment. It's cathartic to share my lessons and journey with as many as I can so we can learn to see more types of beauty.

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