yoocan - Deven Townsel - Going Out On Wheels with Multiple Sclerosis
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Going Out On Wheels with Multiple Sclerosis

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Deven Townsel

It’s ok to use wheels

I've had Multiple Sclerosis for ten years but until recently I started using my wheelchair. I’ve gone through both physical and occupational therapy to help me make the big adjustment, but I refused it and suffered many hard falls. When I started using the wheelchair, I felt like I had just given up on myself, but for the record- I’ve never felt more happy in my life.

Let them look at my wheels

It's safe to say whenever we as humans see something that’s outside of our idea of normal, we stare. Whether it’s someone with a Mohawk and stretched lobes, or a girl running with a prosthetic limb, we’re going to look. Guess what? That’s ok. I was extremely insecure about people staring at me in my wheelchair, and thought, “oh look at them judging me. They must think I look weird, or some sickly guy,” but who the heck cares! I’ve done more in my chair than I ever could without it. I’ve gone to theme parks, plays, and I even started back at college IN MY CHAIR! Something I never would’ve done months ago. The key is to be comfortable with yourself. Forget about the people who want to stare or ask questions just focus on making your life better and happy; even if you’ve gotta cruise on four wheels. Nothing wrong with that.

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