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It's A Full Time Job Being A Superhero With Autism

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How We Embrace Autism

Hi, my name is Ethan. I am five years old living in a world where I might never fit society’s view of normal, but that’s OK because normal is boring.

My mom says I am her real life superhero because I am strong, brave, smart, funny, and a love ball. Mom says that despite my very little verbal communication I taught her more in 5 years than she could ever teach me. There’s this misconception that children on the spectrum hardly show any affection, but that is false because I love everyone. I also LOVE wheels, I can watch them spin over and over again. I'm totally obsessed with Lighting McQueen “Kachow”, my favorite word. Lining things up is also my thing, I love lining anything and everything from toys to food.

I do share many daily struggles. Everyday is an obstacle I have to overcome. I am sensitive to smell, loud noises and am a really picky eater. I don’t like most textures, but that’s not my fault, it has to do with sensory issues. I was Diagnosed with Level 3 Autism. That used to be a really scary word for my mom, but she realized it has been a beautiful journey and that word has become beautiful because Autism is a part of me. She learned to embrace it and is proud to be an Autism mom.

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