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Burning to Live with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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Anna Catharine

My Life with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

I am 29 years old, and was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome one week before my 27th birthday. It began in my left lower extremity and has since spread to my right hand and then to my left the following year. I received Neridronate infusions in Italy recently as a permanent treatment and, so far, I’ve started to take control and take back the use of my hands back pretty incredibly.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type for the last two years and three months has consisted of the following:

1. Becoming disabled and being diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type

2. Having five nerve blocks to my second and third lumbar.

3. Medicated like a guinea pig in excruciating pain

4. Face and live through the very deepest depths of depression. I’ve experienced the most testing of psychological trials that permeate one’s life after becoming disabled a week before their 27th birthday

5. Having had to endure spinal cord surgery to implant a Spinal Cord Stimulator from the Cleveland Clinic, for my CRPS, and can honestly say that I’m a literal cyborg

6. Being physically assaulted three weeks after my Spinal Cord Stimulator surgery in my own home and never saw justice for it even though it sent me to the ER and spiraled in terms of my health, anxiety, CRPS, the effectiveness of the Stimulator, and general fear and terrified realization that I’m entirely vulnerable now

7. Not being able to walk on my left leg for six months and used an iWalk 2.0 leg crutch instead

8. Having been thankful as hell to spend 12 days in the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, Vicenza, Italy, to receive treatment for my CRPS via Neridronate infusions 

9. Having the ability to finally say that I am feeling some serious relief in pain and increase in use of my hands.

10. Basically, IM GETTING MY HANDS BACK! My foot has been improving, but not as noticeably so, which I expected. I still have one month left to see the full effects.


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