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Diverse Factors for Families of Children with Down syndrome

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Chabeli Martinez

Research Survey for Families of Children with Down syndrome

I am a high school student at Yorktown High School in Westchester County, NY.  I am currently working on a project looking into relationships between family outcomes and having a child with Down syndrome.

I am working with Down syndrome support groups from all around the nation as they are helping me with my research project. I have created an online, anonymous survey looking into relationships between having diversity within a family, having a child with Down syndrome, and overall life outcomes . I am hoping to gain enough insight to make a difference in the lives of people with Down syndrome.  

My motivation for my project has been my own personal experiences of being in a family that has a member with Down syndrome. In addition to that most studies conducted on families don’t show very diverse participants and that has an impact on how the results could accurately represent a population.  

In order to achieve my goal, I am hopeful that you will consider taking part of my anonymous, online survey by clicking on this link:


Thank you for considering to help me and people with Down syndrome by participating in the survey. I would be glad to send you the final results of my nationwide survey in the upcoming months just as I will be doing so with the group leaders from the numerous Down syndrome support groups.  

If you have any questions and/ or would like to receive the results in the upcoming months, please email me at chabeli.martinez@yorktown.org.

You can also email my teachers, Mr. Blueglass at yorktownhusker@gmail.com or Ms. Koenigstein at rkoenigstein@yorktown.org.

Thank you very much for your consideration,
Chabeli Martinez Yorktown HS School Science Research student

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