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Amputee Life: Turn Down For What?! Driving.

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My Past and Present Life Being An Amputee

On 4th of July, 14 years ago, I was with my family getting ready for the holiday festivities. We went to a small town for the fireworks display. Unfortunately, I had recently fractured my foot which meant I had to take it easy and not run around with the kids. I sat on the hood of a car to watch the fireworks display. Some time passed and my eyes locked on headlights that were traveling on the road nearby. The headlights belonged to a truck that was driving too fast with no signs of stopping. The driver veered off of the road, into the field and crashed into me, I was pinned between the two vehicles. I endured a concussion, disconnected pelvis, right leg amputation, crushed left knee, over 20 surgeries, months in a hospital, complications from surgery, and the idea that I was going to die at 10 years old.

It was a long road of recovery and all of those things could've been prevented if the driver hadn't been inebriated. I remember people visiting me in the hospital, giving me encouraging words like: "Everything happens for a reason", "God has a plan for you", "you are going to serve a big purpose". Purpose. What a heavy word. Why am I here? Why did this happen. I struggled with finding my purpose and felt that since I was blessed with a second chance to live I should be doing something outstanding.

Amputee Modeling

I recently decided that I wanted to take my modeling seriously and have an impact on others through my photos and my message. The message is simple, you can do anything with the right mindset. For so long I was trapped by my own thoughts. Amuptees dont model, models dont have scars, and models dont walk with a limp- all of which are conditioned by unrealistic beauty standards. Through my modeling and speaking I hope to raise awareness that drinking and driving is still an issue, and how important it is to truly love yourself.

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