yoocan - Casey Elizabeth - The Story of a World Changer With Congenital Limb Differences

The Story of a World Changer With Congenital Limb Differences

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Casey Elizabeth

Learning My Son Would Be Born With congenital limb differences

After 10 months of trying to conceive we were thrilled when we finally became pregnant. This baby was so loved, so wanted and we were incredibly thankful for this little life! I went into our sonography appointment at 21 weeks knowing without a doubt that the baby would be a girl, I could just feel it. I vividly remember how joyful we were in anticipation, how playful and lively we were feeling. Joking with each other and the sonographer, it felt like such a great day! Well to my absolute surprise the sonographer told us that our baby was actually a boy, and the rest of that appointment still leaves me breathless, anxious with my heart beating fast. After much time had passed, I knew deep down something just wasn't right, almost yelling I said "just show me where his hands are", and she said "I can't find them"...

At that point it was just her last effort to try and find what wasn't there and my doctor was already on hold waiting to give us the news officially. Our son would be born with only a small part of one arm and missing significant parts of his legs as well. I crumbled to the ground, numb from the pain, the next three days were a complete blur and that day still feels like the worst day of my life.

Learning more about congenital limb differences

I had never even heard of congenital limb differences before, I was in shock, this couldn't really be part of God's plan. At that point our doctors couldn't even predict the viability of the pregnancy and didn't know for sure if our son was still healthy and growing.

Three days after that appointment my husband and I experienced a peace that could've only come from the Holy Spirit, people we didn't even know were praying for the safety of our baby and for our fragile hearts. At every following appointment we found that our baby was indeed healthy, growing and perfect.

Perfect Despite congenital limb differences

In July I gave birth to our son, Owen Benjamin, and it was by far the best day of our lives. I didn't know what to anticipate, but laying eyes on him for the first time I knew without a doubt that I'd love this little boy more than I ever thought was possible. I thought that my fear and his differences would be overpowering, but all I saw was Owen and his total perfection. He was completely ours and we were completely his.

Having a front row seat experiencing how God has changed hearts and changed lives through the life of our son has been one of my greatest joys. His sweet spirit, wise eyes, and infectious laughter captivates everyone he meets. It's a beautiful thing watching Owen's story unfold, and I'm so honored that I get to be his mama.

Right now Owen is a healthy and active 15 month old. We don't know what the future holds, but we can't wait to see his interests and passions develop as we help him achieve his dreams. There is so much life he has to experience and so many wonderful things that he'll get to do. What initially felt like the an unimaginable mountain, has become our greatest love in life. I thank God everyday for the gift of Owen and for the beauty he brings to our lives.

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